Alberta Landscaping Architects and Maintenance

We create unique and personalized designs that incorporate the client’s preferences, aesthetic harmony and functionality of the space.

We take care of the ongoing care of the landscape, providing pruning, fertilization, pest control and irrigation services to ensure the design remains vibrant and healthy over time.

Canada will look good in each of its spaces


At Alberta Landscaping Architects and Maintenance, our mission is to transform outdoor spaces into visually stunning and functional oases. We are dedicated to creating environments that reflect natural beauty, improve quality of life and exceed our clients expectations. Through a meticulous and sustainable approach, we seek to inspire lasting connections between people and nature, contributing to well-being and harmony in every project we undertake.

We aspire to be recognized leaders in the landscaping industry, being the first choice for those seeking creative and sustainable solutions for their outdoor spaces. We strive to expand our presence, constantly innovate our designs and techniques, and be agents of positive change in promoting greener, more harmonious environments.



-Commitment to Quality

-Environmental sustainability

-Creativity and innovation

-Integrity and Ethics

-Collaboration and Teamwork

-Social Responsability

-Adaptability and Flexibility

At Alberta Landscaping Architects and Maintenance, our dedication to excellence is reflected in every project. We pride ourselves on turning our clients’ visions into tangible realities, exceeding expectations and creating spaces that inspire and delight.

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