We specialize in creating and caring for outdoor environments, adapting to the region’s unique climatic conditions and providing services that enhance the beauty and functionality of green spaces.

Landscaping Services

We are a landscaping company specialized in services related to the design, installation and maintenance of outdoor spaces, such as gardens, patios and green areas. We offer aesthetic and functional solutions, ranging from the selection of plants and materials to the creation of personalized designs. Additionally, it provides gardening, pruning, irrigation and landscape management services to ensure an attractive and well-maintained outdoor environment.

Planning and Designing

Landscaping design is a creative and functional process that seeks to transform outdoor spaces into aesthetically pleasing, balanced and functional environments. At ALAM, our team of landscape designers works collaboratively with clients to conceive and realize projects that reflect their specific visions and needs.

Parking lot and Parkade Sweeper

We clean and maintain your parking lot in perfect functional and aesthetic conditions.

Tress and Shrubs

We are proud to offer a complete and specialized service in the sale of trees and shrubs, providing our customers with a wide variety of options to beautify and enhance their green spaces. Working hand in hand with the best tree farm in Alberta.


We adapt to the unique climatic conditions of the region, offering creative and practical solutions to create and maintain attractive and functional outdoor environments in all seasons of the year.

Snow Removal

Snow removal service is essential to ensure safety and accessibility in areas affected by winter conditions. Alberta Landscaping Architects and Maintenance are experts in snow removal services and are committed to providing effective and reliable solutions to keep spaces free of snow and ice accumulation.

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